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Fantasy Flight Supply Dice Bag

Openly acknowledge your favourite diplomatic tool while keeping your dice secure with the Fantasy Flight Supply Dice Bag.  Each vibrant 15.9 cm x 22.9 cm bag is crafted of black velour with...

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Sirius Dice: 7 Piece Polyhedral plus bonus D20

Set of 7 stunning polyhedral dice including 1 extra* complementary-coloured D20. Dice sets contain:• 4-sided (d4)• 6-sided w/ numbers (d6)• 8-sided (d8)• 10-sided (d10 numbered 0-9)• Tens 10 (10-sided die...

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Fantasy Flight Supply: Gaming Tokens

The same style of tokens found in the popular card game Citadels are now available for purchase separately in five distinctive colours: blue, red, green, silver, and gold. Crafted in...

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