City 17 3d Printed Pocket Token Tray Set

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New product from City 17 who specialise in eco friendly 3D prints made using high quality biodegradable PLA filament

Pocket Token Trays are a set of 6 nested trays that you can take anywhere.
Featuring a 2 sets of 3 hexagonal trays that fit together within a rigid band making them easy to transport and great for board game nights and cafes.

Includes rubber TPU tray joiners that make it easy to move 3 connected trays around the table.

Various colours available, choose from the list

Custom combinations can be printed to order - simply leave us a message at checkout and we'll put you in touch with City 17 directly 

Item dimensions:
The largest, outer hexagon tray measures 80 mm x 80 mm
The height of the entire set nested together is 42mm

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