White Dwarf Magazine - Issue 501

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Issue 501 starts with a trip into the Bunker to catch up on what’s been going on. There are two new Scenarios of the Month to try out, plus rules taking the fight to sandblasted deserts in Kill Team.

There are plenty more rules to dig into, with reality rift rules for use in a Boarding Action that let you shoot around corners in six exciting missions that are more mind-bending puzzles than out-and-out firefights.

For those of you braving the Gnarlwood, there are new rules for fighting in the deepest depths, where the trees are hungrier than ever, and lore, quests, and traits for the Pyregheists and Ydrilan Riverblades.

If lore is what you’re into, there’s the final part of the chronologically compromised Tempus Purgatus story, an update on how the forces of Chaos are getting on over in the Nephilim Anomaly, and for fans of the Mortal Realms, there’s a short story featuring two brothers attempting to escape the vile Skaven.

Speaking of those nasty ratmen, Phil from the Warhammer Studio takes us on a reflective journey through the Era of the Beast, and a new instalment of Arks Arcana sets up the new stage of play in Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and explores the aftermath of the Vermindoom.

In last month’s milestone issue, the massive Invasion of Samarkis Battle Report was spread across three simultaneous battlefields. It was a huge undertaking, and in this issue, the pair behind the breathtaking Makhis Cove board reveal how they made this show-stopping battlefield – which you can now play on at Warhammer World!

There is a generous helping of gorgeous miniatures, including an Ironjawz showcase, alongside hobby and tactics tutorials, and the first chapter of a new Horus Heresy campaign – the Raid on Ollanz-Mu.

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