Winsor & Newton Professional Fixative Spray - 150ml

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Made with a colourless aerosol formula, Winsor & Newton Professional Fixative is specifically formulated to protect your artwork from smudging and dust. It has a non-yellowing solution and dries to a low sheen.

Simply spray an even layer over your work to prevent it from smudging or dusting. Use two or three very light sprays and wait several minutes between each application for optimal results. The fixative dries quickly and is completely transparent. The fixative can be layered, making it great for use with charcoals and pastels and allowing you to add further depth to your artwork.

This product is a ‘workable fixative’, meaning it adds a toothy texture to your work. When no more pencil will apply due to saturation of the paper, applying a spray of workable fixative will add tooth on top and will allow you to continue working.

Safety warnings for using Fixative

  • Extremely flammable aerosol
  • Pressurised container: May burst if heated

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