Tiny Epic: Mechs

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Continuing the Tiny Epic series is Tiny Epic Mechs. The game uses the now famous IteMeeples, as seen in Tiny Epic Zombies and Tiny Epic Quest, and ups the cool level by adding power suits and a mech that your IteMeeples can climb into.

At it’s heart, Tiny Epic Mechs is a programming game. You will place four of your eight cards on the table, in the order you wish to use them, and then cover them up with your remaining four cards. This is because the orientation of the cards matters as it shows the direction your IteMeeple will move. Each card also has an action on it that can be taken. This include healing, laying out a mine or a turret and so on.

Mines and Turrets are really important as every two rounds there is a scoring and these items will bring you big points if managed well. This does mean that despite appearances, Tiny Epic Mechs is more of an area control game than a combat one, but that’s not to say that combat is neglected.

No dice means that combat is deterministic, and plays out like a back and forth tug of war until one player is out of ammo or is defeated. There is a nice combo system and weapon powers that give each weapon a fitting unique action. Weapons are represented as plastic pieces that attach to your IteMeeple, power suit and mech which is as cool as it is fiddly!

As each player reveals and activates one card at a time there is an element of chaos that comes from all programming games, but it is not as pronounced here as you might think. Generally you are able to achieve what you what to or at the very least do something useful. Another great Tiny Epic title from Gamelyn Games!

Player Count: 1-4
Time: 30-60 Minutes
Age: 14+

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