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Days of Wonder and Ticket To Ride go hand-in-hand like trains and track! There’s a whole range of Ticket to Ride Map Collections available now. United Kingdom and Pennsylvania is the fifth release. The board is double sided, an you’ve guessed it: there’s a different map on each side!

The core gameplay of Ticket To Ride remains present in UK and Pennsylvania. Players aim to complete ticket cards between two cities on the map, by connecting routes. You connect routes in a set collection fashion, by paying same-colour train cards. On your turn you can do one action: get two more train cards, claim a route by paying cards, or taking on more tickets. Tickets pay out positive points if completed by the end of the game. They cost you the same but in minus points if you fail to complete them!

On the UK side of the board, technology plays its part. You start out as a small train tycoon in England. At first, you can only build routes that are one- or two-trains in length. But if you spend the wild train cards, you then ‘upgrade’ your tech! Then you can build longer routes. Then you can start extending your network into Wales, Scotland and Ireland. There’s even bonus cards up for grabs, with other means to score points!

Meanwhile, on the reverse, Pennsylvania is of a close-up map of the US state. Here, shares are the addition that give it a unique twist. Every time you complete a route, you then get to claim a share in one of the companies stated next to said route. This adds a different kind of incentive into the mixer. The biggest shareholder in companies earns points at the end, too!

There’s lots of new directions for gameplay to twist and turn in Ticket To Ride: United Kingdom and Pennsylvania!

Please note, this is an expansion – you need a copy of Ticket To Ride, or Ticket To Ride: Europe to play this game.

Player Count: 2-5 Players
Time: 30-75 minutes
Age: 8+

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