Solid Rubber Lino Roller Brayer - various sizes

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High-quality lino roller with heavy-duty handle. Solid rubber makes the roller perfect for rolling out printing ink for linoleum prints, etc.

Roll thick printing ink in an empty paint tray to a thin, even layer and then roll the ink onto a carved linoleum or rubber printing block. Roll back and forth in different directions from edge to edge of the printing block.  Place the paper to be printed on top of the printing block and then a protective piece paper or cardboard on top of that. If you don't have a graphic press, the roller can be used as a good alternative for smaller images. Roll back and forth with the lino roller on top of the protective paper – change direction and roll from edge to edge of the underlying printing block until the ink is distributed evenly. Remove the protective paper, lift the printing paper off the printing block and allow to dry.  

Clean the roller in lukewarm water and dry with a paper towel or cloth. The advantage of using a roller made of solid rubber instead of a paint roller made of foam is that the slightly sticky printing ink settles in a thick, even layer on the roller, while a foam roller absorbs some of the ink. So, if you want an even and perfectly printed image, we recommend using a solid rubber roller.

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