Skull 2022 Edition

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Some of the best games are simple. They play into human traits that fascinate us all, namely lying, bluffing and cheating. We also all think that we know our friends a lot better than we maybe do. Skull takes advantage of these things in a straightforward and elegant fashion.

Upon opening the box for Skull you might wonder if you have purchased a set of pub coasters rather than a board game, as each player gets one square player mat and four circular cards made of thick, well err... coaster like cardboard. Three of these will have a flower depicted on one side and one skull. On your turn, if there is no card on your player mat you place one of your cards face-down on it. Next time round you have a choice, lay another card face-down or make a bid for how many cards you can turn over without revealing a skull. If you make a bid each other player will get a chance to bid higher or pass.

Once only one bidder remains that person must face the gauntlet and do what they claimed they could. The one rule is that they must start with their own cards first, once through that pile they can go in any order across the other players cards.

Sounds easy right? Only, then you play the game, and you know you have a skull as the second card down, but Sally next to you has just bid ‘2’ and you are sure if you bid a ‘3’ then Keith will definitely go to ‘4’ but if he doesn’t then you are going to draw your own skull - the ultimate embarrassment in this game.

If you draw your own skull then you get to choose one of your cards to discard, but if you draw another player's then they draw one of yours at random and discard it without looking. If you happen to succeed at a bid then you flip your player mat and if you succeed one more time then you win the game! That’s right - you only need two points to win!

Skull represents a lot of fun in a small unassuming package. It’s fun played with family on a night in or taken to the pub to play with friends - just don’t mistake the components for coasters...

Player Count: 3-6
Time: 15-30 minutes
Age: 14+

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