Polystyrene Foam Egg - each

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Solid polystyrene eggs in a variety of sizes.
(stated size is approximate height of egg)

Polystyrene shapes provide a fantastic blank canvas for all kinds of home decorations and craft projects. They can be painted, drawn on using marker pens, embellished with sequins and glitter, or covered with fabric or Decopatch papers. They also work brilliantly as bases for needle felting and knitting or crochet projects

Our polystyrene is manufactured in Europe, it's dense and easy to work with and does not flake or disintigrate easily, no compromising on quality.

Sold individually, choose your size


please note: due to the composition of this product, dents, scratches and chips may be present on its surfaces, this should not affect the primary function of this product (as a base/filling for craft projects) we will not send products with major defects and cannot accept returns for items that display minor imperfections

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