Plus Primo Self Hardening Air Dry Clay - 1kg

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A flexible natural modelling clay solution that does not require firing in a kiln. Once dry, it can be painted with craft paints.

The clay can be rolled out and made into shapes using pastry cutters, and modelled and smoothed out along the way with the help of a little water. Drying time is about 1-2 days, depending on thickness. If the clay feels cold, it is still expelling water and is not completely dry. The clay must not be fired, but will dry into a stable and robust shape without heat curing.
N.B: For best results, the white clay should be kneaded especially thoroughly before use and have a minimum thickness of 1 cm..

Due to its low weight, this lightweight clay is ideal for making small hanging ornaments on tree branches, Christmas trees etc., but can also be modelled into bowls, figures, tealight holders etc. just like traditional nature clay.


Colour: Terracotta
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