Royal & Langnickel: Menta 5 Piece Paintbrush Set with Bag

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Menta paintbrushes by Royal & Langnickel are the peak performing synthetic brush collection. This eye-catching line offers a full range of vegan and cruelty-free brushes offered in media specific hair types. Available in long and standard handle sizes. Each brush in this collection features a gorgeous teal coloured acrylic handle that won't crack or swell in water.

These premium quality brushes come in sets of 5 brushes in a handy zip lock bag making an easy travel companion.

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Series 38 - Synthetic White Bristle for Acrylics and Oils

  • SET381: Long handle 1x sz 12 Filbert, 1x sz 8 Filbert, 1x sz 6 Fan, 1x sz 6 Bright, 1x sz 1 Bright¬†
  • SET382: Long handle 1x sz 10 Angular, 1x sz 6 Filbert, 1x sz 1 Flat, 1x sz4 Fan, 1x sz 8 Round

Series 78 - Synthetic Sable for Acrylics

  • SET781: Standard handle 1x sz 6 Fan, 1x sz 0 Liner, 1x 1/2" Wash, 1x sz 6 Chisel Blender, 1x 1" Oval Wash
  • SET782: Standard Handle 1x 1" Wash, 1x sz 10 Round, 1x sz 12 Shader, 1x 3/8" Angular, 1 x sz 20/0 Liner

Series 88 - Synthetic Squirrel for Watercolours

  • SET881: Standard handle 1x sz8 Scrubber, 1x sz 12 Round, 1x sz 1 Liner, 1x 1/2" Angular, 1x 3/4" Stroke
  • SET882: Standard handle 1x sz 14 Round, 1x sz 4 Round, 1x 1/4" Angular, 1x 3/4" Wash, 1x 1/2" Mop

Series 98 - Synthetic Blend for Acrylics

  • SET981: Standard handle 1x sz12 Filbert, 1x sz 10 Shader, 1x sz 3/0 Spotter, 1x sz 4 Chisel Blender, 1x 3/4" Oval Wash
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