KeyForge: Age of Ascension

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KeyForge is the unique deck card duelling system from Magic the Gathering creator Richard Garfield. It takes the core collectable card game mechanic and turns it on its head by utilising pre constructed decks, rather than decks you build yourself. While some may miss the exciting, but expensive, hunt for that one card they need to complete their deck, KeyForge provides for those who want a different path.

Each deck is completely unique. So, while you may have similar cards to other decks, you will never have the exact same deck. This is achieved through some mathematical voodoo that maintains balance somehow. In the event there are some balance issues ‘chains’ provide a way of limiting the power of strong cards.

The aim of KeyForge is to be the first to forge three keys. You do this by acquiring æmber and using it to forge a key. There are various ways to gain æmber, through cards or using creatures to ‘reap’. Card play is interesting too - each deck is made up of three houses and cards in that deck belong to one of those houses. At the start of your turn you must choose a house and then you can only use cards of that house. This stops you building super powered plays too easily, but it can be done with some planning. Creatures can attack and defend as well as reap and it can often be difficult to choose what to do. Card powers are varied and interesting including altering the cost for you and your opponent to forge keys.

Age of Ascension represents the second set of KeyForge. It provides new cards and keywords without making your old decks obsolete. A single deck will get you your own unique deck, while a starter set contains two unique decks, all the tokens you need, and some paper player mats.

Please Note: One KeyForge: Age of Ascension Single Deck supplied.

Player Count: 1-2
Time: 15-45 Minutes
Age: 14+

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