Handmade Ceramics: Heart Shaped Bunting 'Flags'

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Beautifully crafted, handmade ceramic hearts featuring individual letters and holes so they can be strung together into words and name bunting.

Made from top quality ceramic and finished in a magnolia cream glaze, each heart features an embossed capital letter and a selection of pretty elements in a range of coloured glazes. The same six colours feature on every tile, ensuring they will always compliment each other whatever combination you choose.

Available in every letter of the alphabet, an ampersand and a star (ideal for spacing between words)

As with all our handmade products, each heart is utterly unique - no two are the same.

Each heart measures approximately 750 x 700mm and is 4mm thick

Images for illustrative purposes only; letter colour and placement of decorative elements is random for every heart.

please note: 'crazing' is a natural occurrence in all glazed ceramic products, it may be present on some, all or none of these products to varying degrees, this is not a fault with the product

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