Eldritch Horror: Board Game

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Taking you across the globe, battling the dark forces of H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction, Eldritch Horror plunges 1-8 players into a harrowing campaign to prevent the Ancient Ones from awakening and devastating the world as we know it. Fantasy Flight Games will take you on a conquest in which you will encounter a slew of ungodly horrors and accrue injuries to your body and mind as you attempt to repel them.

In this co-operative experience, you assume control of one of 12 playable investigators to solve three mysteries unique to each of the four Ancient Ones. Each of these otherworldly beings considerably alters the obstacles you’ll face, from the insanity-provoking sea-entities of Cthulhu, to the spell-orientated gatekeeper, Yog-Sothoth.

Regardless of the opponent you select, Eldritch Horror promises a challenging experience.

Player count: 1-8
Time: 2-4hrs
Age: 14+

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