Tiny Epic: Galaxies

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Tiny Epic Galaxies comes from the highly popular Tiny Epic series, allowing players to take control of a galactic empire, their aim to grow and expand their influence by fighting over and obtaining planets while also growing their space fleet!

Tiny Epic Galaxies, a game for 1-5 players utilises a dice-rolling combo mechanic where players will roll a number of dice (this number being determined by the level of their home planet) and then using the result of their roll to perform various actions, ranging from moving their ships from planet to planet, to increasing their power and culture to enable them to perform more powerful actions later in the game. Players must carefully plan their strategies to ensure they are utilising each turn to the best of their abilities, being sure to use very available action but also seeing which would be more beneficial.

Players may, if they think it necessary, sacrifice two dice to produce a result they feel would benefit their colony better but be careful, as players can also choose to follow your actions, even when it’s not their turn! There will be various planets within players range throughout the game and they are able to colonise these at each available opportunity. Players can choose to either land on the planet, gaining the benefit listed or, if they are ready to commit a ship to the cause, can head into orbit, in an attempt to colonise and claim the planet, not only adding an ability to the player’s roster, but also increasing their victory point total!

Players will also have a secret objective that they may complete to obtain further victory points which will assist them in gaining victory over the other players. With careful planning, a player can strategically spend their resources to ensure they are getting the greatest return from the actions they take and will ensure a victory for that player.

Will you be able to take control of the more powerful planets before the others? Will that secret objective steer you to a more powerful position? Will your empire finally stand victorious over the rest? 

Player Count: 1-5 
Time: 30-60 Minutes
Age: 14+

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