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Pandemic: On The Brink (Expansion)

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Pandemic: On The Brink, from Z-Man Games, adds three expansion modules for Pandemic that are guaranteed to spice things up! It also includes a number of welcome additions including more roles and events.

In the Virulent Strain Challenge module, one of the four diseases will go out of control in horrible and unexpected ways. In this module you will ditch the normal Epidemic cards and replace them with the Virulent Strain cards, of which there are eight, meaning you will encounter different cards in a different order on different playthroughs.

The Virulent Strain effects can be immediate or persistent and can vary from having to turn in an extra city card of the Virulent Strain colour to cure the Virulent Strain, to making it necessary to treat the Virulent Strain before leaving a city. The Virulent Strain will become a real pain!

The Mutation Challenge adds a fifth purple disease to the mix – it appears in unpredictable ways and it has only half the number of cubes (12) as the other diseases! Mutation events can be drawn from the player deck and Mutation cards are added to the infection deck, so there really will be no avoiding this! The players will win if they can cure all five diseases or if they can cure the usual four with no purple disease cubes on the board. You might not like the colour purple after playing this challenge!

The Bio-Terrorist Challenge gives a completely new dimension to the game as one player plays as the Bio-Terrorist on the side of the diseases against the rest of the players, using a pad to plot their hidden movements and spreading purple disease cubes across the world – but players can work together to capture the Bio-Terrorist and stop their plans… That is until the Bio-Terrorist escapes!

Designers Matt Leacock and Tom Lehmann have also included six new roles (the Archivist, Containment Specialist, Epidemiologist, Field Operative, Generalist and Troubleshooter) to add new ways of working and the potential for great synergies and there are also eight new event cards to increase the breadth of the game.

Also included is a seventh Epidemic card so you can now play the game on “Legendary” difficulty! And last, but not least, are the wonderfully thematic petri dishes to store the diseases in!

Pandemic: On The Brink contains so much content it breathes years of life into Pandemic.

Player Count: 2-5
Time: 45 Minutes
Age: 8+

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